Here at Finishers Club, we’ve run in all kinda of weather. 100 degree trail runs? Yup. How ‘bout Polar Vortex-esque zero-degree hustles? Pfft. We gotcha. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your day indoors.

1. Netflix and Chill. Literally. It’s cold outside.

The Barkley Marathon: The Race That Eats its Young offers a look at the challenging, and slightly nutty, Barkley ultra-marathons, held annually in Tennessee. It’s available on Netflix.

2. Read Up!

Your local library may be closed, so we suggest downloading an eBook. We recommended Scott Jurek’s Eat and Run back in November, but we’re also fans of Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. This tale of the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico is sure to inspire. And make your dream of a trip to warmer climes. Plus, be sure to check out author Christopher McDougall’s informative TED Talk on running.

3. Get Cooking!

Image via The New York Times’s “Fifty Ways to Love Your Quinoa,” inspired by the Paul Simon song of the same name.

There’s no better way to spend a snow day then to make some delicious, healthy meals for the week (we’re big fans of quinoa). Shalane Flanagan’s Run Fast. Eat Slow. has won plaudits from both chefs and runners. It’s available for Kindle, but you can also see a five recipe preview over at Runner’s World. We’re also big fans of Jeanine Donofrio’s excellent Love and Lemons blog and cookbook.

4. Start Your Podcast Engines

What better way to celebrate chilly Northeastern weather than to tune into WNYC’s The Sporkful? It’s not about running, or even health, per se, but host Dan Pashman will keep you entertained with arcane disputes about sandwiches and informative food histories.

5. Buy Cold-Weather Running Gear

It may be too snowy to hit the road today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for next week.

We recommend Head Sensatec gloves: they’re warm, and will let you snap those mid-run winter selfies with relative ease. The prices range on Amazon, and you can often find them at Costco for about $10. Plus, these ASICS tights for men and women come well-recommended, and are cheaper than a lot of other options.

7. Find Races (hopefully in warmer climates)!

A few months back, we posted a list of two-dozen awesome races to run in 2017. Given that the weather’s slated to be about zero degrees in March, Texas’s El Scorcho in June is high up on our list. Plus, you can use AHOTU’s handy race finder to track down the perfect race for your schedule and preferred distance.

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