To save you the time of wading through thousands of $11 sets of Bluetooth earbuds, we’re actively tracking Amazon’s Prime Day products to find you the best stuff, at actual discounts.

  1. Garmin Fenix 3: Don’t need the full fanciness of Garmin’s new Fenix 5? The 3-series has excellent reviews, and is perfect for runners looking to upgrade their watch game at a cheaper price.garmin fenix 3
  2. GoPro Hero 5. The 4K resolution is perfect for those trail run videos. We advise pairing it with the GoPro Headstrap mount.
  3. go pro head mount
  4. Trailhead: The Dirt on All Things Trail Running Amazon is running a $5-off-$15 promo today (PRIMEBOOKS17). This book rings in at about $15, and so use those extra $5 to do something awesome, like make a donation to your local park, or buy a bunch of CLIF bars.
  5. CLIF Bar. Amazon is offering a generous 30%-off coupon on some kinds of CLIF bars, for both subscription and one-off purchases. clif bar
  6. Salomon Speed Cross 4 (Men’s) Trail Runner. Although price will vary slightly by color and size, most variations of this popular shoe clock in at a solid price, plus Amazon’s 30% discount today. What are you waiting for?salomon speedcross 4 trail runner
  7. Salomon Speedcross 4 (Women’s) Trail Runner. Same deal as above, but with way better color options.
  8. salomon speedcross 4 womens
  9. Suunto Spartan Ultra HR (Titanium All Black). This powerhouse is substnatially less than its usual price tag. It’s insanely full-featured and durable, and comes highly-recommended. (Thanks to Bret Ferrier for the heads up on this).
  10. suunto spartan hr

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