For a parent looking for an awesome jogging stroller, you have a few great options. I know that I was certainly caught between the Bob Revolution and the Thule Urban Glide. I ultimately ended up going with the latter, and have been very pleased with my decision, though plenty of folks prefer the BOB. But what I can say is that, the Thule is, hands-down, one of my best parenting purchases, ever.

– It’s light. At 23 lbs, it’s lighter than a lot of other jogging strollers, but it’s still substantial enough that it can hop curbs and spread gravel with ease. My wife and I call it “the Land Rover.”

Thule Urban Glide
It’s pretty easy to take on buses – in some cities, anyway!

– Since it’s the “Urban Glide,” and not just the “Glide,” the front wheel can be allowed to swivel 360-degrees, in addition to being locked straight for running. This will allow you to easily navigate tight supermarket aisles or crowded city streets.

– The wheels are big, shock-absorbing, and durable. They also feature inner tubes (like a bicycle) that can be easily replaced in case of a puncture.

– The blue color – “Thule Blue” is beautiful.

– The neoprene-covered handlebar is very adjustable, and also really comfortable, making the Thule Urban Glide a pleasure to run with.

Thule Urban Glide
Yep, even your little person can push it – thanks to that very adjustable handle.

– It’s easy to adjust the tilt of the seat, so your child is comfortable.

– The sun visor is easily adjustable, and can be moved to shade any part of the child’s seat.

– There is a giant “trunk” underneath the stroller that’s perfect for groceries or your passenger’s toys.

– The wheels can be easily removed for storage in the back of a car – simply pop them off using the blue button in the center of the wheel – and it then takes only about ten seconds to fold up.

Western States 100 Champ Ryan Sandes uses the Thule Urban Glide. Why aren’t you?


No stroller is perfect, and the Thule has a few quirks that can be frustrating

– When locked, the front wheel has a frustrating tendency to tilt to the right, which defeats the purpose of locking it, in the first place. I’ve found this a challenge to fix.

– When unlocked, the front wheel will sometimes bounce or vibrate uncontrollably – a frustrating phenomenon that can only be remedied by tilting up the front of the stroller and then bringing it back to the ground.

The Thule Urban Glide is, hands-down, one of the best running items I’ve ever bought. I can’t recommend it highly enough. For some added versatility and convenience, I’ve added a Skip Hop Stroller Organizer to keep my phone, wallet, keys and earbuds in one place.

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