Coffee and running tend to go together, whether through slogans like “America Runs on Dunkin, ” coffee & running-themed tee shirts, or just shorts that are made of coffee-infused polyester. No matter what kind of runner you are, there’s a pretty darn good chance that you’re a java fiend.

Since today is National Coffee Day, we went back through our archives of ultra-runner interviews, and distilled what these fine champs have to say about their coffee practices.

Karl Meltzer

karl meltzer coffee

We asked Meltzer about his coffee habit. We knew from a USA Today interview last year that, in his telling, “I typically wake up each day around 6–7 am, and first go for a cup of good pressed coffee.” 

This time around, Meltzer volunteered, I have my own blend of coffee called ‘Speedgoat Karl’s 100 Mile Blend.’ Jameson coffee distributes and brews it for me.” We explored, and, sure enough, Karl’s 100-mile Blend is available for a very reasonable $12/12 oz. from Jameson Coffee. The packaging even proclaims that “this rich and full bodied brew will keep you fueled. 100 miles guaranteed.”

There’s no word yet if a 2,200-mile Blend will be on offer, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Quick Takes: Karl Meltzer on his Coffee and Motivation

Ryan Sandes

ryan sandes

I really like good coffee. I am not too specific as long as the beans are fresh. At home I tend to use a Mocha Pot to brew my coffee and generally have two of those to start the day. I generally don’t have any coffee after 1pm otherwise I find I don’t sleep that well. The current roast I have at the moment is a Guatemalan blend which I get from my local coffee roastery in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Ryan Sandes on Running Western States in the Heat, Good Coffee, and Translating Ultra-Running Books into Chinese

Chris Mocko

chris mocko

I thought that I would set aside the coffee mug once I left my office job — I now have all-day to prioritize sleep and sneaking in a nap or two, so why would I need caffeine? Well, it turns out the addiction has been a bit harder to break than I expected, but I also have not tried particularly hard — I enjoy my morning routine too darn much! Fortunately I’m not too particular about how I get my caffeine fix and I’ll take whatever is most easily available to me, which usually that means just brewing a pot with whatever beans we have lying around the house. While the coffee itself is not too specific or interesting, I have dialed in my morning routine…(see more below!)

Talking Morning Routines, Tech, and Costco with Ultra-Runner Chris Mocko

Candice Burt

We haven’t yet had the chance to speak with Candice, but she does have this great suggestion on her blog:

Starbucks Via or instant coffee is good if you don’t have a stove. I’ve been known to mix Starbucks Via with cold water in a Ultimate Direction water bottle.”

What We’re Drinking

As you can see, coffee and running go hand-in-hand. Curious what we use here at HQ to make our java?

Hario Hand-Grinder

This awesome burr grinder lasts for years, and you can crank out about once cup of coffee per minute. Consider it the upper body exercise complement for your running workouts.

Melitta Pourover Cone

This inexpensive, dependable cone is all you need for a great cup of pourover.

Melitta Filters

No filters, no coffee.

Starbucks Via Packets

When you’re on the road – literally, or figuratively – these handy packets are a great way to stay dialed in.


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