If you’re like, well, anyone, you’re probably working to find a balance between, work, home life, and exercise. And while some of us can wake up at 4:30am to exercise, not all of us have that ability. And so many folks go for a run during lunch. But this raises the question: what’s the best way to organize your running gear at work? (#runch).

organize your running gear

For me, running during lunch raises the question of the best way to bring my running stuff to work. I could bring a gym bag, but that means carrying one additional thing with me on my commute. And I could, of course, simply cram the stuff into my knapsack – and the Wall Street Journal does call men’s knapsacks’s “the next big thing” – but stuff gets jumbled around, or the drawstring on my shorts get caught in the zipper of my bag and my running sunglasses end up squished underneath my laptop.

organize your running gear

And so I’ve taken to using a travel cube to hold my running gear. Yes, it does feel like a little bit of overkill, but I’ve found it a really easy way to store my running shirt, shorts, sunglasses, armband, sunscreen, and the holder for my Camelbak bottle (I’m assuming you wear sneakers to work. If you don’t, go for a slightly larger pacing cube). If you’re able to shower and change at the office, there is enough room for a small amount of soap and a change of socks, too.

I personally use the Amazon Basics medium-size bag, which typically comes in a 4-pack (so you can use the other three for, you know, actual traveling). The zippers are pretty sturdy, the mesh allows me to see what stuff I’ve packed, and there is a useful carrying handle. Best of all, it’s pretty inexpensive, at just a few dollars per packing cube. It’s saved me an enormous amount of time rooting through my knapsack trying to find the sunscreen that has certainly shifted to the bottom of my bag.

organize your running gear

That’s basically all there is to it — I roll up or fold my stuff, and stick them in, and toss the whole kit in my bag. It’s easy, it’s helpful, and it makes me feel far more organized than I actually am.

How do you organize your running gear? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter!


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